Diefenbunker Project – Ottawa Citizen Article Feb 4

I was extremely fortunate to have a long and very positive article in the Ottawa Citizen edition of Feb 4 on this project.

My thanks to the columnist Don Butler, and photographer Wayne Cuddington, for spending time with me over two days to capture the story. It was interesting and enlightening to observe professional media in action, and to read in the paper the product.

The article generating an amazing number of emails and blog hits from many sources, including fellow Ottawa bloggers Ottawa Start and Ottawa Rewind – where I hope we can explore many common interests.

I also received numerous emails at my project email box bunkerfacts@gmail.com from a wide range of interested parties – an engineer who had worked on the project, a former Army Signals officer who had spent a summer during his RMC years on the construction of the radio  transmitter and receiver systems, engineers who had been and in many cases still are active in construction associations in Ottawa and Ontario, and many colleagues from my military engineer days who also share an interest in historical matters.

Each of these inputs pointed me to even more potential sources, and my rewarding task is growing exponentially. Have to love the Blog world!

Keep those cards and letters coming!


About ottawazoe

retired combat engineer officer, former provincial public servant, currently federal public servant, with an abiding interest in our fascinating local history
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