I’m currently an Ottawa resident, employed as a public servant with DND.

Over the past 50 or so years, I’ve been an Army combat engineer officer (28 years), a provincial public servant in Alberta (8 years), and a federal public servant in Ottawa (13 years).

I take pride in having been able to serve to our incredible country at home and abroad. I’ve gained much from Canada in my various careers, and I’d like now to focus on returning to the community what I’ve acquired.

My family (son and daughter, with their wonderful spouses and children in Edmonton; wife, son and Bedlington Terrier in Ottawa) have over the years watched me dabble in my enduring interests in family, reading, photography, writing and history, tempered by the ongoing struggle to maintain physical fitness as the years pile up.

Having worked for these many years in a matrix of defence, national security, emergency management and strategic planning issues, I’ve come to have an increasing interest in historical matters and how our history experiences have led us to where we are – or how the lessons of history have been ignored…

This Blog is currently focused on the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum in Carp, Ontario, and specifically focuses on design and engineering aspects of the building’s construction, as opposed to the functions of the structure after completion.

I hope to highlight in the near future other areas of historical interest which may have equally played into today’s Canada.

Who knows, there may soon be some entries on Project HABAKKUK – but that’s another story.


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