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retired combat engineer officer, former provincial public servant, currently federal public servant, with an abiding interest in our fascinating local history

The Not So New Internet Marketing – Just a Bigger Hammer

I’ve had the opportunity in recent weeks to attend two Ottawa gatherings on blogging. One was based on the Mom and Pop Blogging phenomenon. The other was a more general one, WordCamp Ottawa, organized around WordPress, the behemoth which provides the host … Continue reading

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“I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

The post title are not my words, but from the film Network (1976). This unforgettable quote by Howard Beale (the late Peter Finch), is one of a treasury of lines from that movie that remain scarily relevant today. But this has nothing … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera and Action!

Several Carleton University senior Journalism students proposed the production of a short documentary as a requirement for one of their courses leading to graduation. The exercise was a great experience as we filmed and interviewed our way through the Diefenbunker’s various rooms … Continue reading

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Ice Floats, Doesn’t It? A Bit of Strange Science from World War 2

As the Diefenbunker research chugs on, and a writing plan starts to take shape and substance, I have a second project in the planning stages (that means it’s in the back of my mind, in a very dusty place). The … Continue reading

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The Research Challenge

I began on this quest when I initially volunteered to work in the Archives of the Diefenbunker Museum, and could not locate some of the material relevant to the design and construction phases of the Bunker. After digging through some … Continue reading

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We All Live in a Concrete Submarine

I mentioned in an initial post that one of the remarkable aspects of the design and construction of the Diefenbunker was the use of practices acquired during the design and construction of submarines. This is referenced briefly in the original … Continue reading

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Diefenbunker Project – Ottawa Citizen Article Feb 4

I was extremely fortunate to have a long and very positive article in the Ottawa Citizen edition of Feb 4 on this project. My thanks to the columnist Don Butler, and photographer Wayne Cuddington, for spending time with me over two days … Continue reading

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